Molecular Imaging and Radio Tracers against Breast Cancer



The Mammi Project (Mammography with Molecular Imaging) is an European Union project partially funded by the VI Framework Programme in the area of life science, genomics and biotechnology for health. The project aims at a disruptive innovation in the early breast cancer diagnosis and the evaluation of chemotherapy response. The project is composed of a multidisciplinar team of eight european research institutions and companies, ranging from medical oncology and pharmacokinetics research to molecular imaging instrumentation, advanced image processing software and integrated electronics circuit design.

The project goals are:

The development of a Positron Emission Tomography prototype (PET) dedicated to the examination of breast cancer, using a gamma ray sensor based on an innovative design together with the use of a new generation of photo-detectors and scintillating crystals. The new prototype will push the image resolution to its physical limit (~1 mm), while keeping a high sensitivity with a low cost and portable device.

The development of new cancer radio-tracer molecules for the detection and visualization of the pharmakinetics of breast tumors, including the performance of Phase-I multi-centrical clinical trials, partners of the consortium, with the developed PET prototypes.

MAMMI: LSHC-CT-2006-037555.


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